carf logo1.tifCommunity Living Haldimand is a not-for-profit, charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Established in 1957 by parents advocating for opportunities for their children, Community Living Halidmand has a proud history of providing community based supports and ensuring meaningful, inclusive possibilities for people of all ages with developmental disabilities. Community Living Haldimand employs approximately 120 staff that in collaboration with families and the community support over 170 people with intellectual disabilities throughout Haldimand County.  


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Communities are a web of inter-connected and inter-dependent human relationships and activities. Communties are places where we see citzenship in action. People perform valuable jobs and services that benefit the whole community. Every person plays an important role in the community.

The collective presence and contribution is what community is really all about. It's about belonging, being included, participating, giving and receiving support when needed. Communities are places where everyone belongs.

  Vision Statement

Community Living Haldimand envisions a community where the inclusion of everyone is as natural as a heartbeat.

  Mission Statement

Community Living Haldimand is a destination for individuals with an intellectual disability where passion and purpose come together to inspire solutions.


The following five values are the fundamental beliefs of Community Living Haldimand. 

These principles guide the decisions and actions of the organization.

  • RESPECT: We promote respect, dignity and equality for all people.
  • CHOICE: We celebrate full citizenship that enables people to exercise their rights, fulfill responsibilities and make choices.
  • INCLUSION: We believe communities benefit when everyone is included and makes a contribution.
  • EXCELLENCE: We expect excellence from ourselves and foster innovation and partnerships.
  • INTEGRITY: We reflect honesty, integrity and fairness in our relationships.



2256 River Road, Box 396, Cayuga, ON  N0A 1E0  -   (905)772-3344 ext. 0