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Historical Sequence of Events



(Haldimand Association for the Developmentally Challenged

& The Haldimand Association for the Mentally Retarded)

1958 - a group of concerned mothers gathered at Fisherville Lions Club to discuss the possibility of having the Lions assist in setting up a school for retarded children in Haldimand County.

1959 - as a result of the commitment made by the Lions and the determination of those mothers THE HALDIMAND ASSOCIATION FOR RETARDED CHILDREN was formed and was issued a charter certificate by the Ontario Association for Retarded Children under the authority of the founding Board of Directors, namely:-

Mr. George Schweyer, President

Mr. Birge Havill, Vice President

Mr. Samuel Donato, Vice President

Mrs. Mel Kuiper, Recording Secretary

Mr. T. Roy Brown, Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. James Ullman, Treasurer

Mr. Lou Spry

There were 6 students, Mrs. Grace Baldwin was the teacher and Mrs. Harvey Richert provided the transportation.  The teaching took place in a TWO ROOM SCHOOL HOUSE IN CANFIELD, ONTARIO, which was purchased for $1 from the North Cayuga School Board.

1963 - a second classroom was opened up to meet the rising demand and Mrs. Leslie Hoskin was hired as their teacher.

            1964 - the first workshop opened up in the old Dunnville Boys Club.  There were three trainees under the direction of Mr. Brock Gaines who served as the first manager.

            1965 - under the direction of Mrs. Jennie Deagle the Workshop moved from Dunnville to the Bishop McCarthy School in York.  The site became known as THE HALDIMAND ADULT OPPORTUNITY CENTRE.

            1967 - the Association was issued a legal Charter by Letters Patent and became known as THE HALDIMAND ASSOCIATION FOR THE MENTALLY RETARDED.

In the same year a third classroom was added at the Canfield School and

 Mrs. Nora Rightson was hired to teach.

            1968 - with financial support from the local community the Opportunity Centre added a woodworking shop and began making wooden pallets for Lanark Industries.

            1969 - a preschool known as THE CHILDREN'S CENTRE was opened utilizing the basement of the United Church in Cayuga.

            1971 - the students at Canfield School were moved to THE HALDIMAND SCHOOL which adjoined J.L. Mitchener School in Cayuga.  Under the auspices of the Haldimand Board of Education, the site was the first in Ontario to become integrated.

            1975 - with increasing enrollment the school expanded to occupy space in the Board of Education maintenance building.  Mrs. Dorothy Parsons was hired to teach and Mr. Elmer Winger served as assistant.

            1980 - after some local controversy a GROUP HOME opened up in Dunnville.  This allowed those individuals with high needs and others from institutions to participate more fully in community life.

            1982 - the Workshop moved from York to Slack Lumber Yard in Empire Corners under the direction of Mrs. Jennie Deagle.  Although management responded to all requests for work to be done, the main activities included woodworking, crafts and a Bakeshop.

            1984 - the Workshop, which was known as the Haldimand Adult Opportunity Centre, was renamed J.B. DEAGLE ENTERPRISES in honour of Mrs. Jennie Deagle and her many contributions to the Association.

            1985 - with the introduction of a new SUPPORTED INDEPENDENT LIVING PROGRAM several group home residents were able to move and live independently in their own apartment.

            1986 - the Haldimand Association for the Mentally Retarded opened a CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION OFFICE in Cayuga, Ontario.  In addition to a new Executive Director, Mr. Albert Moreland, office activities were supported by two part-time staff.

 Due to the limited enrolment the Children's Centre was closed during the summer.

A new program intended to increase the involvement of the Dunnville Group Home residents in local social, recreation and educational activities was started in the Fall.  This new approach to service was referred to as the COMMUNITY ACTIVITY PROGRAM.

            1987 - several new initiatives were introduced in an effort to expand accommodation alternatives and working opportunities for clients.  They included the COMMUNITY LIVING PROGRAM - which entailed moving several residents into their own individual apartments, providing varying levels of staff support; and,

The development of a SILKSCREENING BUSINESS in Dunnville intended to demonstrate the capability of clients to learn new skills and to produce quality as well as competitively priced products.

            1988 - THE BAKESHOP which had always operated out of Empire Corners, moved to a new location in the business section of Cayuga.  The new independent location was more spacious, accessible to the public and provided greater opportunities for enhancement to individual programs.

Early in 1988 as a result of business limitations, the Silkscreening operation in Dunnville was closed.

Prior to the season opening, a decision by five Locals to divest themselves of BRANCHTON CAMP resulted in a change in ownership.

In an effort to rekindle local interest in the development of the Filsinger Property, the FIRST ANNUAL ASSOCIATION PICNIC was held on the river flats in Cayuga.  The event was well attended and fun was had by all.

With the increasing demand for services and the need to prepare for the future, the Association supported the establishment of a LOCAL PLANNING GROUP made up of many agencies providing service to the developmentally handicapped.

In order to cope with the financial burden of expanding programs, the Association under the leadership of Mr. Warren Burger, embarked on a FUNDRAISING GOAL TO RAISE $100,000.  The campaign got underway with a celebrity "kick-off" by local sports personality, Bernie Ruoff.

            1989 - the Association took time to CELEBRATE 30 YEARS OF SERVICE to the community, acknowledging the extensive efforts of those who had played a part.  There were many special events held on behalf of the Association that summer including Marty McSorley Day and dance to the music of the Good Brothers.

During a year that saw several program changes the Community Activity Program evolved into a SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM offering people supported by the agency the opportunity to acquire local jobs at competitive wages; and,

A SPECIAL NEEDS PROGRAM was established to cater specifically to the needs of those with multiple handicaps.  Unlike the summer program which preceded it, this program was to operate year round.

In an attempt to heighten the Association's profile and expand operations, the Bakeshop opened a TEAROOM in Caledonia, offering a variety of food and pastries.  Although successful, in its own right, the operation had to be closed due to lease complications.

Under the direction of Mrs. Jean Shurr, the Association sponsored a public meeting which quickly led to the establishment of a very active Haldimand branch of the ONTARIO SPECIAL OLYMPICS.

The year closed on an exciting note with the official sod turning for the construction of a NEW WORKSHOP ON THE FILSINGER PROPERTY.  The event marked the culmination of an active campaign to draw local support and the beginning of a long list of fundraising ventures organized by the community.  Mr. Warren Burger again rose to the occasion, lending his full support, time and leadership to the project.

        1990 - the Association continued to expand residential services with the addition of three NEW APARTMENTS for five individuals in the Community Living Program, and;

Utilizing a government grant received from MCSS, a specially designed wheelchair accessible home to suit four individuals was built on the property, which had been given to the Association in 1981, at the bequest of Mr. William J. Filsinger.  The residence officially opened in November and was named FILSINGER HOUSE.

With regard to FUNDRAISING, the year was filled with a number of very successful events including: a lucrative MONTE CARLO NIGHT, a fun filled BOWL-A-THON, and an exciting TRUCK AND DIAMOND DRAW.

After many long years of waiting and having raised phase one funding, construction of the WORKSHOP BUILDING SHELL began under the direction of Mr. Len Huget, Architect.  All work on the building was supervised by Mr. Russ Burger.  Both men brought many years of experience to the project and gave freely of their time and effort. 

Mr. Warren Burger, as fundraising chair, was a major driving force behind the success of this building becoming a reality enlisting support and financial assistance from all corners of the community.

            1991 - the Association received a grant from the Trillium Foundation to begin a VOLUNTEER AND RECREATION PROGRAM.  The program was intended to offer individuals an opportunity to expand their circle of friends and become more active members of the community.

In an effort to accommodate individuals moving out of institutions and provide more independent living arrangements for those residing in the community, the Association used a government grant to purchase two SEMI-DETACHED HOMES in Dunnville.

After an unsuccessful attempt to sell the group home, a live-in provider was hired to meet the needs of four adults who were provided with an opportunity to live more independently lives by moving into the house.

As a result of having all of the production equipment donated, a plastic sign making business was started up in Dunnville under the name DEAGLE SIGNS.  The operation expanded opportunities for individuals to develop and enhance their vocational skills.

With the support and co-operation of the Board of Education the Association took an active role in developing and maintaining the first SCHOOL-TO-WORK TRANSITION PROJECT in Haldimand.

            1992 - the Association moved J.B. Deagle Enterprises, the Special Needs Program and the Central Administration office into the 10,000 square foot building space on the Filsinger property.

An official OPEN HOUSE for the new building was held in May, 1992 at which time it was acknowledged that the facility would proudly be known as "THE JENNIE DEAGLE COMPLEX".

            1993 - the Government announced serious cutbacks to Association funding putting the future of the Bakeshop in jeopardy.  Fortunately local service clubs and the community banded together to raise sufficient funds to keep the program operating an additional year.

Following a vote by the membership the Association applied for Supplementary Letters Patent requesting the name be changed to the HALDIMAND ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENTALLY CHALLENGED.

The Supported Employment Program moved their operations and services to a downtown store front location in Dunnville providing higher visibility, greater accessibility and the realization of significant financial savings.

            1994 - another victim of difficult economic times, the plastic sign making business, Deagle Signs was closed and sold.

During the year the Association was able to take a number of people off the residential waiting list moving them into small community apartment settings.

The Central Administration office upgraded their computer system allowing several other programs to introduce new computer technology.

In order to ensure greater mutual benefit the Special Needs Program was amalgamated with the J.B. Deagle Program to form a Vocational & Alternatives Program. The union meant more individually tailored service options and greater use of the community.

1995 - HADC held its first Canada Day Celebration on July 1st proving to be a good fund raiser and great fun for the community.

Service to people supported was evaluated by ACCREDITATION ONTARIO as part of a pilot project for testing Outcome Based Performance Measures. The Association received a good self assessment rating and would otherwise have received a 2 year Accreditation.

In order to cope with increasing demand and limited resources, the Association developed new policy for dealing with service applicants. At the same time, the cost containment committee began acting upon many important service wide cost saving measures.

            1996 - with significant BUDGETS CUTS imposed by a new Government, the Association was forced to implement a number of operational changes that would see staff positions eliminated, a reduced work week, support and service reductions, the Bakeshop close its storefront location and transportation user fees being implemented.

The Dunnville Residential office began sharing space with the Multi-Service Centre on Broad Street in Dunnville.

HADC held its Second Annual Canada Day Celebration on July 1st, 1996.

HADC participated in pilot project with Accreditation Ontario.

Computers were upgraded in various program locations and the agency carried out an extensive staff computer training program.  HADC went “on-line” to increase ability to receive information and communicate with other agencies throughout the Province.

            1997 - an addition of one bedroom and a bathroom was added to Filsinger House in order to accommodate a new residential placement.

HADC held its Third Annual Canada Day Celebration.

In a joint effort with the Haldimand Board of Education an ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAM was started at the Dunnville Secondary School.  Over 15 adults with developmental challenges registered in the program which taught subjects including computers, life skills and job readiness.

The MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES having recently closed its local office approached the Haldimand Association for office space in the Jennie Deagle Complex.  Ron Thayer of the STEWARD SHIP PROGRAM encouraged a partnership with people from the Association in his many forestry projects.

            1998 - two wheelchair accessible semi-detached homes were built on McKAY STREET in Cayuga.  These homes enabled the Association to provide residential support to two individuals from the waiting list, as well as giving others more accessible housing.

PERSONAL OUTCOMES MEASURES were adopted by the Association as a method of gathering information to determine the quality of life for people receiving services.  The Association utilizes a life planning model that is person-directed and designed to assist people in achieving their priority outcomes.

Supported Employment Program expands its FLYER PREPARATION AND DELIVERY BUSINESS in Dunnville taking on jobs in Cayuga and Caledonia, handling over 10,000 flyers each week in the three communities.

The Ministry of Community and Social Services made INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT AGREEMENTS (ISA’s) a requirement of all agencies providing service.  ISA’s set out detailed information about the individual’s supports, expected outcomes and associated costs attached to providing same.

The first two HOLLY JOHNSON MEMORIAL AWARDS were presented on June 8th, 1998 to Sarah Maddock and Julie Kohut.  This award was created by Holly’s family to honour her memory and is presented to two individuals each year who have made a positive contribution to the lives of others and/or in recognition of their personal growth.

Also 1998 in line with the document “MAKING SERVICES WORK FOR PEOPLE”, Ministry of Community and Social Services initiative, all of the Association’s serving people who have a Developmental Disability met to discuss ways to coordinate and collaborate for the benefit of all residing in Haldimand and Norfolk. Over the following two years the Haldimand Association for the Developmentally Challenged and Community Living Access Support Services continued to engage in discussions and work together in a collaborative way to achieve more efficiencies and attend to things that individually were unable to complete.

            1999 - the Haldimand Association celebrated 40 YEARS OF SERVING THE COMMUNITY by holding a dinner and dance on Saturday, May 29th 1999 at the Fisherville Lions Community Centre with over 200 people in attendance, including first President of the Association, George Schweyer.  A commemorative multi-media video served as a centre piece for the evening’s activities providing a retrospective look at the highlights of 40 years of community service.

 Looking to improve administrative efficiencies the Haldimand Association entered into

an agreement with COMMUNITY ACCESS SUPPPORT SERVICES OF NORFOLK to establish a new partnership, sharing senior staff positions, financial resources and training expertise.

In April, the Ministry of Community and Social Services officially announced restructuring of their operations, resulting in the Ministry twelve (12) Area Offices being consolidated into nine (9) Regional Offices.  Haldimand/Norfolk agencies moved from the former London Area Office to the newly constituted HAMILTON/NIAGARA REGIONAL OFFICE which was located in Hamilton.

As “those in the know” predicted gloom and doom due to the consequences of possible computer glitches etc. all areas of the Association made preparation for the Year 2000 (Y2K) in order to ensure the safety of people and efficiency of operations.

ONTARIO DISABILITY SUPPORT PROGRAM (ODSP) VENDORING began in 1999.  Individuals select an approved service provider to carry out their employment contract.  Preset frees for all employment related services are negotiated between the service provider and the ODSP.  As a service provider HADC acts as a vendor contracted by the ODSP to develop support plans and provide individual employment supports.  ODSP assists individuals to find and maintain employment, promotes individual skills, provided on the job training and support and participants learn new skills and hold jobs successfully.

Through ODSP Employment Supports a contract position was created to develop

jobs through employers and assist people with their applications for ODSP Employment Supports.

            2000 - it became apparent that the Y2K scare was not going to cause any major interruptions to the general public and so time and resources used to fine tune emergency plans and general readiness were not required.


A SNOEZELEN ROOM was built in the Jennie Deagle Complex.  The project was completed in October and was made possible by a grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation.  Snoezelen Rooms encourage relaxation and sensory stimulation by using a combination of music, lighting, vibrations, tactile sensations and aroma therapy.  The room was designed to meet the needs of individuals receiving support from HADC and will also be made available to the community, other agencies and schools for a nominal user fee.  The room was named the GEORGE J. SCHWEYER SNOEZELEN ROOM in honour of our first President, George Schweyer for his long time support through the Fisherville Lions Club.


            2001 - a new one year program, EXPLORING EMPLOYMENT, started up through the Ministry of Community and Social Services Opportunities Fund.  The program offered individuals one-on-one staffing to try out several places of employment in the community and gain valuable work experience.

The CLEAN SWEEP PROGRAM, through a grant funded by Human Resources Development, operated for six months.  During this time people supported cleaned private homes and offices in the area and several prospective cleaners learned new skills at J.B. Deagle to be ready for the work force in the future.

The FOUNDATIONS: COMMUNITIES IN MOTION PROGRAM, funded by the MCSS Foundations began in the spring.  The program assists young people between the ages of 18 and 25 make connections in their communities.  It is also designed to connect families to each other, encourage and facilitate advocacy and assist young people with life planning, goal setting and finding creative and innovate ways to achieve their goals

A local plan has been developed with a central point of CONTACT which will assist families in defining their needs and connecting them with available services to meet those needs.  In response to the Ministry’s “Making Services Work for People” document, Haldimand-Norfolk REACH was asked to create a new “Contact Division”, known as CONTACT Haldimand Norfolk, to develop and implement a single point of access to the system for people in the community.  A common tool for intake will be used so families looking for children’s mental health and developmental services will not be required to repeat their stories for each new service.

JOINT QUALITY ENHANCEMENT COMMITTEE met January 2001 for the first time. The two agencies recognized that they both shared the same philosophy of service delivery and both had equal vision and commitment to improve the quality of supports being provided.   With this commitment by both agencies, the Quality Assurance Committee of each of the Boards recommended the development of a Joint Quality Enhancement Committee.  The agencies identified this would be the most practical and effective measure to ensure that their visions of quality continued to grow and develop.  Both agencies adopted the use of Personal Outcomes Measures as the tool to assist in developing a sound, effective and responsive Quality Enhancement Plan. 


Fundraising activities included a Honda TRX Quad draw during the summer, Walk’ N Wheel-a-thon held in October, and An Evening of Music in November.

Warren Burger HADC’s Corporate Fundraising Chair, was awarded “THE QUEEN’S GOLDEN JUBILEE COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL” for outstanding contributions to our community.  This medal is part of the Jubilee Celebrations as organized by the Department of Canadian Heritage to mark the 50th Anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the Throne, on February 6, 1952.

OCTOBER 2003 Mary Millard Financial Officer for HADC retired after 17 years.

Mary started out as a volunteer Board member and treasurer for the Association and

continues to volunteer for Special Olympics.

NOVEMBER 2003 the FISHERVILLE LIONS & HADC presented “Evening of

Music” fundraiser, featuring the Haldimand-Norfolk Concert Band and Dixieland Group.

DECEMBER 2003the formal INTER AGENCY PARTNERSHIP concluded between HADC and CLASS.  However, it was determined by each of the Board of Directors that the continuation of the Joint Quality Enhancement Committee was of great benefit and value to each agency. The Terms of Reference of the committee offers each agency a range of resources and opportunity to maintain and enhance the delivery of quality supports and services.


meeting.  This committee will help ensure people receiving support from HADC have access to due process; whenever limitations or restrictions are placed on them recognize that people are people first.  Support staff needs to know which rights are important to each person and offer support versus imposing restrictions or limitations.

MARCH 2004 Project approval was given to the NEW PLACES TO LIVE project. 

APRIL 2004 Albert Moreland, Executive Director, left after eighteen years with

HADC and joined Community Living St. Catharines.

JULY 2004 Susan Wavell was hired as the new Executive Director.  Susan is from

Tillsonburg and has worked the past four years with Community Living in Stratford.

 JULY 2004 the Association supported approximately 150 people through a variety of

supports and services.


Government announced its commitment to developing a long term plan to transform developmental services in Ontario.  The announcement included the establishment of four regional Community Networks of Specialized Care.

AUGUST 2004 a Fundraiser Golf Tournament in partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters was held.

SEPTEMBER 2004, HADC partnered with the local GRAND RIVER ROWING

CLUB to support an application to Trillium for funding to develop and deliver an Adaptive Rowing program for persons with disabilities.  Equipment and instructor training was the goal of the application.  The application was successful and the Rowing Club is in the process of developing the program. 

Haldimand Motors held their Great Tricycle Race where the agency sold pies, cookies, and squares and sold small items for $2.  This event offers a great opportunity for community participation and several people faithfully volunteer each year to work at this busy and fun event.

FEBRUARY 2005 Jennie Deagle received the Lifetime Achievement of the Year

Award from the Caledonia Regional Chamber of Commerce for 2004.  Jennie’s award was sponsored by Hald-Nor Community Credit Union Ltd.

APRIL 2005 Marked the 20th ANNIVERSARY OF THE EQUALITY OF RIGHTS CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS SECTION 15. Canadians with disabilities had to fight to ensure that the Charter of Rights would protect the equality of rights of persons with disabilities.  Initially the Charter of Rights excluded individuals with

a disability.  An extensive campaign by many persons with a disability resulted in the Charter being amended to include equal rights for people with mental or physical disabilities.

IN APRIL 2005 A property in Caledonia was selected and a builder was engaged for the

New Places to Live Project.  After securing zoning the builder advised HADC that he was unable to complete the project requiring us to negotiate a project extension from the Ministry and identify alternative locations to retain the project funding.  We were successful in purchasing an accessible home in Cayuga.  To ensure project completion within Ministry timelines the Board chose to proceed with renovations while applying for the necessary zoning.  However, zoning that had been previously approved for the Caledonia location was not awarded for the new location and HADC had to apply to the Ontario Municipal Board for zoning approval.  The Board has committed to completing the project with the goal of providing group living supports to four individuals and SIL supports to an additional four individuals.

AUGUST 2005 - Fundraiser Golf Tournament was held in partnership with Big

Brothers and Big Sisters.


MUNICIPAL BOARD for re-zoning at 13 South End Drive in Cayuga.  The new residential home will have four people we support living there by the end of September.

HADC partnered with the SALVATION ARMY to open a thrift store  in Caledonia through an ODSP contract that provided community employment opportunities for a number of people.

Toronto Motor Sports Park held the K.C. Auto Parts Family Fun Day where we sold 50/50 tickets as a fundraiser.

We also sold tickets supported by Gothic Cycle for prizes 1st OCC Mini Chopper, 2nd Remote Control Model Power Boat and 3rd $100 gift certificate from the Erie Beach Hotel.  The draw was held on September 16th, 2005.

Haldimand Motors held once again their Great Tricycle Race in September where we sold pies, cookies, and squares and sold small items for $2.  This year once again proved to be very successful, with almost everything being sold out.

MARCH 2006 - The Board approved the name change from Haldimand Association for the Developmentally Challenged to the new name Community Living Haldimand recommended by the members of the Self Advocate Committee thanks for all of their hard work in making the new name official.

The Ministry provided a new funding line this year designed to address the number of people in the Province on waiting lists for service.  Passports funding is specific to providing day supports for individuals on current waiting lists, of which Haldimand/Norfolk is quite lengthy.   HADC was able to secure funding to provide services for five individuals on the day supports list.  

The Ministry continues to work on the process of Service Transformation for Developmental Services which began in 2004.    The report outlining the results of the Ministry’s consultation process has been released and consultation meetings on this document have been scheduled across the Province.   The Ministry did announce some of its intentions and directions in the new funding provided in the recent provincial budget.   The government announced $8 million in new funding for a variety of services:

Expanding day services

Expanding residential and community support

Supporting agency operating costs

$10 million for increased services to children with special needs

$11 million to enhance the Interpreter and Intervenor Services for individuals who are deaf-blind

A further movement toward individualized funding

The government’s intent to deal seriously with waiting lists

Address funding formula issues and put stability into the larger system

The Ministry stated that they have three outcomes they expect to achieve from the Transformation process:

MAY 2006 – Toronto Motorsport Showcase fundraiser was organized by Warren Burger and Bruce Mehlenbacher to kick off a series of fundraisers committed to raising the proceeds to put a roof on the pavillion at the back of the Jennie Deagle Complex.

JUNE 2006 – At the Annual General Meeting- The membership approved agency name change from Haldimand Association for the Developmentally Challenged to Community Living Haldimand.

First annual joint agency “Community Living Celebration” event was held in Port Dover to recognize May as Community Living Month. The joint members are NACL, CLASS CONTACT and Community Living Haldimand.

JULY 2006 – Community Living Haldimand’s first annual golf tournament fundraiser organized again by our friends Warren and Bruce held at the Cayuga Golf Club.

AUGUST 2006 – Second annual joint golf tournament fundraiser with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Haldimand/Norfolk.

SEPTEMBER 2006 –  Haldimand Motors held their Great Tricycle Race where we sold pies, cookies, and squares and sold small items for $2.  This year once again proved to be very successful, with almost everything being sold out.

Members of Voices Unlimited believe that promoting and educating respect, inclusion and acceptance to young children will make a difference. Voices Unlimited will be offering presentations of “SAME DIFFERENCE” to the local elementary schools within

Haldimand and Norfolk.

Since the last newsletter the Ministry of Community and Social Services has moved forward with the introduction of several new initiatives and service changes highlighted in their Opportunities and Action Document.   In addition to Ministry changes being made to services in the Developmental Services Sector, the Ministry has made changes to the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Income and Employment Supports programs.

The list of new initiatives introduced to date include:  Passports; Community Networks of Specialized Care; and the Community Response Program.  

OCTOBER 2006 - Support coordinators, supervisors and management gathered together for two days of team building and staff development.

NOVEMBER 2006 – The Ministry announced funding for capital and wage adjustments.  Capital funds were used to refurbish the homes of individuals supported including new appliances and furnishings, garden sheds, fences, painting, wheelchair accessible decks, and new roofs.

The agency assumed the operation of the Dunnville Bingo as a new training and employment opportunity for supported individuals, taking it over from Special Olympics Haldimand.

DECEMBER 2006 – the annual Christmas bazaar welcomed the community to the Jennie Deagle Complex.  

 Individuals supported by the agency sold baked goods and Christmas items and Santa Claus was here to entertain the children of people from the community who were shopping at the bazaar.

JANUARY 2007 -   Name Change Celebration coordinated and hosted by board members and self advocate Patti Gibson.  Representatives from Community Living Ontario and MPP Toby Barrett were in attendance.

Al Condeluci Community Information Session was held - organized by Bonnie Nolan and Edie Mous.

Scrapbooking Club started with 8 individuals supported by the agency, coordinated by volunteers Lori King and Susan Wavell.

FEBRUARY 2007– Newlywed Game and dance fundraiser and Sweetheart Draw organized by Warren Burger.

It was a mutual decision between the Board of Directors of Community Living Access Support Services and Community Living Haldimand to discontinue participation in the Joint Quality Enhancement Committee meetings.

MARCH 2007- Board of Directors started the strategic planning process, a new vision, mission and goal statement and a by-law review. Over 60 staff, supported individuals, employees, family members and community partners participated in focus groups to provide input to the board on the plan.

In 2007/08 the Board of Directors took on the challenge of a number of significant tasks on behalf of the agency.  In March of 2007 the Board of Directors started a consultation process with people we support, families, staff and the community to receive input on directions for the agency in the years to come.  This information was used to develop the agency’s strategic plan completed by the Board in the fall of 2007 and circulated to the membership in the spring newsletter.  The management and supervisory team have met several times since the fall to review the Board’s strategic plan and objectives for the agency and develop an operational plan.  This operational plan that will ensure that the objectives set out by the Board for the agency for the next three years are met through good planning, implementation, measurement and reporting.  

Logo Change - In March the Board adopted the new Community Living Ontario logo.

Another very exciting project is the Seniors Partnership Project.  A joint project with Norfolk Association for Community Living, Community Living Access Support Services and CONTACT it grew to include the Alzheimer Society, Dovercliff Nursing Home, and the Community Care Access Centre.  The first leg of the project was the development of a public awareness campaign to encourage families of individuals with a disability still living at home to start planning for that individual as they moved toward retirement age and as families themselves (parents) aged and were less able to assist their adult son or daughter.

On Monday March 19th Community Living Haldimand hosted a Ceremony of Success evening.  This was an evening dedicated to the celebration of personal achievements and success.  This event was put together by our Planning and Resource Team as an opportunity for people to share their success and personal   achievements with others.

APRIL 2007 -  One of our staff received training from Syracuse University Facilitated Communication Institute as a Facilitated Communication Trainer.Facilitated Communication (FC) is a strategy for teaching individuals with communication impairments to use communication aids with their hands. 

Abilities First -Abilities First is the result of an innovative project funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services Employment Support Division.  The purpose of this project is to develop relationships between community employers and persons with disabilities. 

MAY 2007 – Summer in Michigan fundraiser was organized by Warren Burger and    Bruce Mehlenbacher to kick off a series of fundraisers committed to raising the proceeds to the pavilion.

JULY 2007 – Community Living Haldimand’s second annual golf tournament fundraiser organized again by our friends Warren and Bruce and held at the Cayuga Golf Club.

This summer, in partnership with the Haldimand Grand River Rowing Club we had over 25 people participate in the explore rowing sessions on the Grand River. 

Munsee Street, Cayuga residential location has moved to Chippewa Street, Cayuga.

SEPTEMBER 2007 - Warren Burger is nominated by Community Living Haldimand for the Haldimand County Volunteer Award.

Haldimand Motors held their Great Tricycle Race where we sold pies, cookies, and squares and sold small items for $2.  This year once again proved to be very successful, with almost everything being sold out.

OCTOBER 2007 - The completion of the Strategic Plan, Governance, Policies and Procedures and the revision of the By Laws for Community Living Haldimand was completed and approved.

We held our second Ceremony of Success evening once again was a great hit.The evening was a showcase of people’s success stories through displays and presentations.

NOVEMBER 2007 - The major highlight of corporate fundraising activities centered on the construction and official dedication of the Marty McSorley Community Pavillion (November 12, 2008.)  There were raffle draws, coupled with the 2nd Annual Community Living Haldimand Golf Tournament which assisted greatly in meeting the capital cost of approximately $35,000 for the major undertaking.

The two local service clubs, Fisherville District Lions Club and Caledonia Rotary Club presented cheques each of $5,000.  Over the past two years of 2006/2007 the community at large (businesses, groups, individuals etc.) graciously gave willingly to the project with money, material, services and many volunteer hours.

FEBRUARY 2008 - We held our first event in the McSorley Pavillion with a Winter Wonderland Fun Day.

MARCH 2008 - The Governance Policies and Procedures were approved by the Board.

MAY 2008 – Our second Summer in Michigan fundraiser was organized once again by Warren Burger and Bruce Mehlenbacher to kick off a series of fundraisers committed to raising the proceeds towards the pavilion.

The fifth annual Motorsports Showcase was held at the Jennie Deagle Complex, in May.

JUNE 2008 - We held another celebration day with a Strawberry Social and live music.

JULY 2008 – Community Living Haldimand’s third annual golf tournament fundraiser organized again by our friends Warren and Bruce and was held at the Freedom Oaks Golf Club.

SEPTEMBER 2008 - Haldimand Motors held their Great Tricycle Race where we sold pies, cookies, and squares and sold small items for $2.  This year once again proved to be very successful, with almost everything being sold out.

MARCH 2009 - March 31 2009 Community Living Ontario, in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of Community Social Services, officially announced the “end of an era.”  Under this banner the public is made aware of the last provincially operated and funded institution closure.  Persons with intellectual disabilities now an integral important part of everyday community life.

MAY 2009 - Once again the annual Motorsports Showcase was held in May.

MAY 2009 - 50TH ANNIVERSARY - The Association held its 50th anniversary celebration May 12 at the Fisherville District Lions Club Community Centre, a fitting location for the half-century old organization which began with the initial involvement of the Fisherville District Lions Club.

JUNE 2009 - We held another celebration day with a Strawberry Social and live music.

JULY 2009 - The fourth annual Golf Tournament was scheduled to be held in July at the Freedom Oaks Golf Club in Dunnville.

SEPTEMBER 2009 - Haldimand Motors held their Great Tricycle Race where we sold pies, cookies, and squares and sold small items for $2.  This year once again proved to be very successful, with almost everything being sold out.

DECEMBER 2009 - The annual Christmas bazaar welcomed the community to the Jennie Deagle Complex. Individuals supported by the agency sold baked goods and Christmas items.

MARCH 2010 – A workshop was held by well known speaker and advocate for people with disabilities, David Pitonyak.  Other agencies in the surrounding area attended as well to hear David’s message on supporting people with difficult behaviours, entitled “Beyond Behaviours: Supporting Competence, Confidence and Well-being.”

MAY 2010 - Once again the annual Motorsports Showcase was held in May. This event is well attended by people supported, employees and community members.

“Pay it Forward” campaign – celebrating Community Living Month.  Flowers were distributed throughout Haldimand and Norfolk to people who had made a difference in the lives of others.  Very successful with REACH, Norfolk Association for Community Living and Community Living Access Support Services all participating with Community Living Haldimand.  Thousands of flowers were hand delivered over the two counties.

JUNE 2010 - We held another celebration day with a Strawberry Social and live music.  Attendance at this event continues to grow, with the community coming to participate in the evening.

JULY 2010 - The fifth annual Golf Tournament was scheduled to be held in July at the Freedom Oaks Golf Club in Dunnville, with Warren Burger and Bruce Mehlenbacher being the main organizers.

SEPTEMBER 2010  - Haldimand Motors held their Great Tricycle Race where we sold pies, cookies, and squares and sold small items for $2.  This year once again proved to be very successful, with almost everything being sold out.

DECEMBER 2010 - The annual Christmas Craft Sale welcomed the community to the Jennie Deagle Complex.  Individuals supported by the agency sold baked goods and Christmas items.  Participation by local vendors increased and the event was very successful.

DECEMBER 2010 – MCSS implemented the Quality Assurance Measures (QAM) Regulation 299/10related to the new legislation Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008.  This legislation replaced The Developmental Services Act, 1990.  Policy and procedure changes within the agency were made to comply with QAM.

         APRIL 2011 - The Board of Directors of Community Living Haldimand initiated a strategic planning process consisting of four key components: establishing a strategic planning committee; collecting perspectives of the stakeholders of the organization; conducting a planning session with the Board of Directors; and completing a draft and final strategic plans.

MAY 2011  - Annual Motor Cross Sports event and accessible race car held at Cayuga Speedway.

JUNE 2011 - The annual Strawberrry Social and evening of excellence, with 1220 Blast playing to the crowd.  A Fashion Show was part of the evening’s activities featuring people supported and employees in clothing from local store.

JULY 2011 - The seventh Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser was held at Freedom Oaks Golf Club in Dunnville for people supported by the agency.  The event was organized by Fundraising Coordinator, Warren Burger with assistance from Bruce Mehlenbacher.

NOVEMBER 2011 - Annual Christmas Bazaar and Fundraiser was held at the Jennie Deagle Complex.  People supported and employees, plus community vendors all set up booths to sell their wares. 

DECEMBER 2011 – Shari Booker, longtime employee, and supporter of the agency since its inception retired from her position as supervisor.  Shari started as a volunteer in the workshop with Jennie Deagle, worked and supervised the bakeshop and ended her career as a supervisor of the ODSP employment supports program in Haldimand after more than 30 years. 

DECEMBER 2011 – The agency transferred back the operation of the Dunnville Bingo to Special Olympics Haldimand with several people who receive support from the agency, and had been trained to work there, continuing to be employed. 

MARCH 2012 – Edie Mous, longtime employee, of the agency starting her career in residential supports and ending as Quality Assurance and Residential Manager resigned to take a position with Community Living Brant.  Edie’s contribution to quality supports, training and mentoring made an invaluable contribution to the agency during the past 25 years. 

JUNE 2012 - Beginning of implementation of Alliance Information Management System            (AIMS) web-based software across the agency, with projected completion in 2013.  It is       expected the database will enable the agency to enhance our current person centered case management process, will increase accountability by providing a means for  comprehensive documentation, increase employee efficiency.  It will also address goals   and objectives in the agency Strategic Plan with respect to communications by enhancing internal management/staff communications, improve communications to parents and family members with a focus on information for the future planning for their family member and better use of technology and support the various functions of the organization by providing the opportunity for complete, concise, efficient and effective  communication. 


JULY 2013 – Community Living Haldimand 8th Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser       was held at Cayuga Golf Club.  The tournament was organized by the agency this year          with Shari Booker leading the event.  Support by the community was evident in having         all 18 holes sponsored.  There was a great turnout and everyone had a good day!


MARCH 2013 – One time “At Risk” funds provided the opportunity to address service            issues for some Transitional Age Youth by providing funds for the purchase of a      residential location in Hagersville and a van for transportation for medically complex          individuals.

AUGUST 2013 – Community Living Haldimand website went live.  Employees and             Board Members have a separate password for relevant information.  The general public have access to the main page and be able to access information on upcoming events,             contact information, history of the agency and pictures of past events. 



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